Talent Sourcing

Identify alternative talent pools for hard-to-fill roles.


Recruiters, employers, or organizations serving employers can highlight opportunities to expand and/or diversify their talent pipelines by identifying non-traditional jobs from which to recruit. Our model will recommend occupations that require similar skillsets, including those that don’t look similar on the surface.

For more information on how our modeling works, head to the Modeling Approach section.

API Endpoint

Head to the Recommend Source Occupations section of our API Reference Documents.

Use Occupation Metadata to append each result with additional information about the role such as demographics and typical salaries.

Model Inputs and Outputs

Job: Job title or descriptions for an open role*Recommended Source of Talent: List of talent sources (source occupations) and an assessment of the fit for typical candidates coming from each source role.

Match Assessments:
-Summary match quality ranking (low to very high) and match score for a typical candidate from each source role
-Attribute scores assessing a typical candidate's fit with respect to skills, work experience and education. (beta)
-Skills Report listing the top skills overlaps and gaps for a typical candidate
-Narrative summarizing the overall match in 2-4 sentences. (beta)

Results can be configured to provide recommendations of training programs to fill common skill gaps.*

Partner-Specific Configurations

The inputs and outputs with an * (as well as any other data specific to your organization) can be incorporated through a customized model. To learn more, please reach out.

Sample Use Case

Select a role for which you are looking to expand and diversify your talent pool and consider alternative sources of talent from which to recruit.