Job Search

Recommend open jobs to students and job seekers.


Training providers, job boards, and other organizations serving students and job seekers can suggest a set of currently available jobs for student and job seekers, based on their skills, experience and education.

Our model does this by taking in a profile of each candidate to infer their skills. Using this information, it scans a set of jobs supplied by our partners or our database of open job postings and sends back a set of jobs for which the candidate has the skills, work experience, and education to make them successful in the role. Users may also filter based on attributes of the job such as the location, whether it is remote, or the industry of the empolyer.

For each job recommended, AdeptID provide a match consisting of a summary assessment, assessments of work experience, skills, and education, a skills report describing skill gaps and overlaps, and a narrative explanation of the match quality.

For more information on how our modeling works, head to the Modeling Approach section.

API Endpoints

  • Evaluate Jobs allows enables partners to recommend jobs for candidates from their own list of available jobs.
  • Job matching against and AdeptID supplied job feed is available though a private beta program. To learn more about participating, please reach out.

Model Inputs and Outputs

For each candidate:

- A resume or their job titles, employers, skills, education
- Assessment results, interests, and additional information*
Recommended Jobs: List of recommended jobs and their corresponding matches.

Match Assessments:
-Summary match quality ranking (low to very high) and match score for each job
-Attribute scores assessing the candidates fit with respect to skills, work experience and education. (beta)
-Skills Report listing the top skills overlaps and gaps for each candidate
-Narrative summarizing the overall match in 2-4 sentences. (beta)

Customized Models

The inputs and outputs with an * (as well as any other data specific to your organization) can be incorporated through a customized model. To learn more, please reach out.

Sample Use Case

We can score students who are interested in a role in order to help career coaches and placement personnel to more efficiently recommend internships and jobs.