Candidate Evaluation

Evaluate the fit between candidate(s) and a job.


Talent applications, recruiters, employers, and others supporting hiring managers can rank applicants who have applied for a job or evaluate the fit between an individual and a job. This allows hiring managers to make faster and more objective candidate screening decisions.

Our models evaluate the fit between candidate(s) and a job and describe the degree of fit as match. Our system looks at a candidate holistically assessing their prior work experience, skills, education and credentials to determine if they are likely be be successful in a role. Our models go beyond traditional keyword matching and infer the skills that candidates have developed (but did not articulate) based on their work experience and education.

In the matches returned, AdeptID provides: a summary match assessment, assessments of work experience, skills, and education, a skills report describing skill gaps and overlaps, and a narrative explanation of the match quality.

Our candidate evaluation models pass 3rd party audits for AI safety and bias. For more information on how our matching works, head to the Modeling Approach section.

API Endpoint

This use case is supported by Evaluate Candidate.

Model Inputs and Outputs

For each candidate:

- A resume or their job titles, employers, skills, education.

- Assessment results, interests, and additional information. For each job:

- Job title, employer, skills, education, job description.
Match quality ranking (low to very high) and summary match score for each candidate.

Attribute scores assessing the candidates fit with respect to skills, work experience and education. (Beta)

Skills Report listing the top skills overlaps and gaps for each candidate.

Narrative summarizing the overall match in 2-4 sentences.

Customized Models

AdeptID can extend the data it accepts and configure its match models to take advantage of partner-specific information. Items above marked with an * (as well as other data specific to your organization) can be incorporated to tailor results to your needs and use case. To learn more, please reach out.

Sample Use Case

Within an ATS or other talent matching system, we can score candidates who have applied for a role, enabling hiring managers to more efficiently sort candidates and identify candidates who may otherwise be overlooked.