Candidate describes a person to be matched to job and career opportunities. This description includes relevant information found on a typical resume such as work experience, education, skills, and credentials. In addition, AdeptID can enhance candidate profiles by appending partner-specific attributes such as assessment results, internship descriptions, or courses completed.# Schema


The Candidate schema includes multiple nested schemas for work history, education, and contact information.

candidate_idstringA unique identifier for the candidate in the caller's system. The id is used to identify the user's results from AdeptID endpoints.
candidate_namestringThe name of the candidate.*
work_historyarray of objectsList of Work Experience objects. See below for schema details.
educationarray of objectsList of Candidate Education objects. See below for schema details.
skillsarray of stringsList of skills from AdeptID's Skill Taxonomy. See below for more information on skills.
contact_infoobjectCandidate's contact information.

*candidate_nameis only used as a convenient and human readable way of identifying candidates. It is not used in AdeptID's matching models.

Work Experience

Each candidate may have one or more jobs with the following inputs outlined as a work experience. The collection of work experiences comprises the candidate's work history.

job_titlestringText of the job title.
naicsstringNAICS Industry Code for the employer.
employer_namestringThe name of the employer. (This is used to find the industry of this work experience.)
start_datedateThe start date of this work experience.
end_datedateThe end date of this work experience.
summarystringDetails of the job duties and accomplishments.

Candidate Education

Candidates may have one or more educational experiences that AdeptID uses to infer the candidate’s skills and influence their job recommendations. The education schema describes degrees, certificates and long-form programs. For schema information, see the candidate education schema.


Candidates may supply a list of skills developed over the course of their work experience, education, and training. In addition to the skills articulated here, AdeptID also infers skills from candidates’ work and education experiences to create a complete skills profile.

AdeptID accepts skills from a defined taxonomy. Developers may enable candidates to enter skills individually using the Skill Search endpoint or may extract skills from resumes and job descriptions using the forthcoming extract skills and parse-resumes endpoints. AdeptID treats industry certifications as a form of skill.

skillsarray of stringsList of skills from AdeptID's Skill Taxonomy.

Contact Info

Candidates may have contact information, especially if parsed from a resume or sourced from a third party data provider. For schema information, see the Contact Info schema.

Partner-Specific Inputs

AdeptID can extend the Candidate Schema to accept customized fields from its partners. These may include custom assessment results, courses taken, or descriptions of positions held.

Candidate Example

  "candidate_id": "Sfw53fP52xM",
  "candidate_name": "Piya Gupta",
  "work_history": [
      "title": "Retail Sales Associate",
      "employer_name": "J. Crew",
      "start_date": "12/2019",
      "end_date": "4/2022",
      "summary": "-Drove sales by providing excellent customer service. -Created window displays and led in-store merchandising"
      "title": "Graphic Designer",
      "employer_name": "VistaPrint",
      "start_date": "6/2022",
      "end_date": "4/2024",
      "summary": "-Updated design template and layouts for business card and poster designs. -Supported high value clients to create custom designs"
  "education": [
      "level": "ASSOCIATES",
      "degree_type": "ASSOCIATE OF ARTS",
      "subject": "Business",
      "start_date": "09/2020",
      "end_date": "06/2022",
      "institution": "Northern Virginia Community College",
      "gpa": 3.5,
      "summary": "Completed Associate's in Business with a concentration in marketing and high honors graduation"
  "skills": [
    "Graphic Design",
    "Adobe Photoshop",
    "Logo Design",
    "Social Media"
  "contact_info": {
    "name": {
      "prefix": "",
      "full_name": "Piya A. Gupta",
      "first_name": "Piya",
      "middle_name": "A.",
      "last_name": "Gupta",
      "suffix": ""
    "location": {
      "city_name": "Jersey City",
      "county_fips": "34017",
      "county_name": "Hudson",
      "metro": "New York,  NY",
      "msa_fips": "35620",
      "msa_name": "New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ",
      "state_abbreviation": "NJ",
      "state_fips": "34",
      "state_name": "New Jersey",
      "geo_coordinates": {
        "latitude": 40.7184,
        "longitude": -74.0686
      "postal_code": "07030",
      "street_address_lines": [
        "280 Grove St"
      "telephones": [
          "raw": "(234) 567-8910",
          "normalized": "+1 234-567-8910",
          "international_country_code": "1",
          "area_city_code": "234",
          "subscriber_number": "567-8910"
      "email_addresses": [
        "[email protected]"
      "web_addresses": [
          "address": "linkedin.com/in/piya-adeptid",
          "type": "LinkedIn"
          "address": "github.com/piya-adept-id",
          "type": "GitHub"