Skill Overview

In its match models, AdeptID uses skills directly associated with candidates and jobs and also infers skills based on job titles and education. AdeptID uses the skills taxonomy developed by Lightcast, a leading Labor Market Analytics provider. Skills are defined as “competencies at specific tasks or familiarity with specific subjects and tools acquired through education or experience.”

In AdeptID’s data model, industry certifications such as Six Sigma or CISSP are classified as a type of skill.

Skill Schema

skillstringName of the skill.
skill_clusterstringA cluster which provides a way to logically group the skills in the taxonomy.
skill_typestringIndicates if the skills is a “Baseline Skill”, a “Specialized Skill” or a “Certification".

Skill Example

  "name": "Auto Body Repairs",
  "skill_cluster": "Vehicle Repair and Maintenance",
  "skill_type": "Specialized Skill"					

Skill Taxonomy

AdeptID utilizes the skills taxonomy developed by Lightcast, a leading Labor Market Analytics provider.

Use Cases for Skill Taxonomy

  • Skill Standardization: AdeptID extracts skills from free text entered by users, submitted as part of resumes, job descriptions and similar documents. Skill standardization from user-entered text is supported through Skill Search. Skill extraction from resumes, job descriptions and other large blocks of text are satisfied by the Skill Extraction endpoint (coming soon).

  • Skills Inference: In order to infer the broadest possible range of skills that a candidate possesses, AdeptID infers additional skills based on the skills that a candidate has listed on a resume and based on the job titles of their work experiences. Similarly, we infer skills for jobs based on the title and articulated skills. This use case is performed as part of the job matching process.

  • Job Matching: AdeptID uses its skill taxonomy to evaluate whether the candidate has the skills required for a specific job opening or an occupational pathway. This use case is satisfied with the Career Matching family of endpoints.

  • Skills Report: As part of our assessment between a candidate and a job or occupation, we provide a skills report that describes the skill gaps and overlaps that the candidate has or may be missing along with additional information about those skills such as skill cluster and skill type.

Skill Taxonomy Overview

Lightcast’s skills taxonomy used by AdeptID includes ~30,000 unique skills which are in turn organized into clusters of similar skills and a skill type: specialized, baseline or certification.

skillstringSkill name.
skill_clusterstringCategory of the skill which can be used for organizing similar skills.
skill_typestringIndicates if the skill is a specialized skill, baseline skill, or certification.