Job describes a job opening. The following fields are used as part of our job matching algorithms: job title, employer, industry, skills and certifications, experience requirements, and educational credentials requested. The remaining fields may be used to filter job postings to align with a candidate’s preferences.


Each candidate may have one or more jobs with the following inputs outlined as a work experience.

job_idstringUnique ID for the job.
job_titlestringFree text of the job title.
occupation_codestringO*NET occupation code for the job.
employer_namestringThe name of the employer. (This is used to find the industry of this work experience.)
naicsstringNAICS industry code for the employer.
educationobjectPreferred or required educational credentials. For schema information, see job education.
skillsarray of stringsList of required or preferred skills from AdeptID’s skill taxonomy.
experience_minfloatThe minimum number of years of experience requested.
experience_maxfloatThe maximum number of years of experience requested.
posting_bodystringText description of the job posting.
salary_minfloatAdvertised min salary for the role.
salary_maxfloatAdvertised max salary for the role.
salary_periodenumThe pay increment of the advertised salary. The acceptable values are hourly, weekly, monthly, and annual.
currencyenumCurrency of the salary, from list of alpha codes (e.g., USD) according to ISO 4217.
remotebooleanWhether the job is remote (vs in-person).
locationsarray of objectsLocations of the role. (For schema information see location.)
date_posteddateThe date the role was first posted.
date_expireddateThe date the role was expired or the job posting was taken down.
is_internshipbooleanWhether the role is an internship.
is_staffingbooleanWhether the role is advertised by a staffing firm (vs the hiring employer).
full_timebooleanWhether the role is full-time.
urlsarray of stringsURLs from the job posting.
contact_infoobjectContact information provided in the job posting. For schema information, see Contact Info.

Job Example

        "job_id": "job_1",
  			"job_title": "Marketing Associate",
        "skills": [
            "Marketing", "copywriting", "hubspot CRM","Digital Marketing"
        "education": [
                "level": "BACHELORS",
                "degree_type": "Bachelor of Arts",
                "required": true
                "level": "MASTERS",
                "degree_type": "Master of Arts",
                "required": false