Records feedback from end users (reporters) about a specific job recommendation.

This endpoint enables AdeptID and its customers to collect feedback on job recommendations. It accepts metadata relating to a specific recommendation operation as input and logs the feedback in AdeptID's internal system.

Additional Notes:
The typical end user (reporter) experience involves adding a feedback “call to action”, such as a like/dislike icon for each recommended job in the UI. Reporters may click on a like/dislike icon, indicate the reason for feedback (if dislike) from a set list of options, and offer free-text responses.

AdeptID asks for a reporter_id and a reporter_organization_id for each feedback provided. These IDs should be unique to each reporter and organization, but should be non-identifiable (e.g., a hash). These IDs are used by AdeptID to identify feedback themes for a specific reporter or organization. They are not used in AdeptID's matching models.

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