Standardize a job title it into an <<glossary:O*NET>> occupation (i.e. a category of roles). This endpoint supports the US Bureau of Labor Statistics ONET/SOC taxonomy. This asynchronous endpoint supports standardizing a large number of job titles at once.

This endpoint accepts a bulk list of job titles and standardizes them into a occupation. This endpoint support the US Bureau of Labor Statistics ONET/SOC taxonomy.

Required Inputs:Outputs:
Job titleResult set ID
Occupation taxonomyResult set link



In cases where it is preferable to deliver no matches over low-quality matches, consider using the occupation_match_confidence_min parameter to exclude weak matches. In most cases, 0.6 works a starting point for experimentation.


Retrieving results

Input the result set ID returned from this endpoint into the Result Sets endpoint or make a call to the result set link to access the results.

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