Standardize a job title into an occupation (i.e. a category of roles).

This endpoint standardizes job titles into an occupational category. It accepts a job title and optionally an employer name or industry and returns the occupational category for the role.

Additional Notes:

Employer and Industry: This endpoint accepts employer and industry as optional inputs to support disambiguation of generic job titles such as Associate, Engineer or Technician. In these cases, we attempt to determine the industry of the employer and use that to refine the results. It is not necessary to include both employer and industry.

Occupation Taxonomy: The default occupation taxonomy used for outputs of this endpoint is ONET 2019 Simplified. If you wish to use the full ONET 2019 taxonomy enter ONET_2019 into the occupation_subset parameter. For more details on supported occupation taxonomies, see the Occupation Taxonomy section of our documentation center.

Match Confidence: The occupation_match_confidence value describes how likely each suggested occupation is to be an accurate classification. In cases where it is preferable to deliver no matches over low-quality matches, the occupation_match_confidence_min parameter can be used to exclude weak matches. In most cases, 0.6 works as starting point for experimentation.

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