Data Link Tool

The Data Link Tool allows AdeptID partners to seamlessly and securely link their ATS and HRIS systems to AdeptID’s systems so that we can customize model results to each partner’s unique context. This tool allows users, with proper credentials for the ATS/HRIS, including non-technical users to share data with AdeptID in minutes.


Make sure you have admin permission on your ATS/HRIS system. AdeptID will email you with a datalink URL to start the data link process.


Once you have received your link from AdeptID, click on ‘START LINKING’. Your initial information such as email, company, and type of integration (ATS or HRIS) is prefilled.


Select which platform you use.


The information requested, such as API key, domain name, etc., will differ depending on your ATS/HRIS. If you are unsure where to find the information, there are links in the tool to help you.


Click ‘Submit’.


If the integration was a success, you’ll see this screen. Click ‘Finish Setup’.


That’s it! Your data can now be used to help understand your company’s current Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices.